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Moonlight: Mick St. John [ISFJ]

Si: Mick is both sentimental and practical. He approaches life with reliability and common sense (unless a certain ex-wife comes into the picture). Former experiences, from the night he saved Beth to previous cases, weigh heavily on his mind and largely influence his actions in the present. He has vivid memories and relives them often. Mick is traditional and respects the culture of the vampires, striving to keep their rules even if he doesn’t indulge in routine vampire behavior himself.

Fe: He is quick to read other people, but not always forthcoming with his own emotions; Mick strives to maintain harmony within the vampire community and to prevent them from harming humans. He adopts their rules for punishment of bad behavior, while also respecting the social rules of mortals. Mick adapts to his environment and is somewhat susceptible to Josef’s influence, although not as much when he’s older. He watches over the people he loves and is fearless when it comes to protecting them. He’d sacrifice even his own happiness to ensure their safety.

Ti: His quick mind clues him in to possibilities others dismiss when on a case. Mick analyzes crime scenes, comes up with reasonable solutions, and takes it upon himself to act. He never tells anyone what is going on in his head. He’d rather keep them guessing!

Ne: When confronted with his ex-wife, Mick correctly discerns what she is up to and the truth about her and the existence of a cure without any evidence. He is quick to pick up on the relationship between Josh and Beth. He usually knows when Josef is lying to him, and has a keen ability to figure out people’s motivations.

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