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Legend of the Seeker: Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander [ENTP]

Ne: Zed is a man of infinite possibilities, able to figure out solutions to any problem, sometimes easily distracted from the situation at hand, and always in search of new ideas. He quickly senses problems amid his companions and points out the future problems if they aren’t addressed immediately. Zed is a creative, imaginative, and clever wizard full of ideas – from puppets to castles in the sky.

Ti: He has a quick tongue and a quirky way of seeing the world. Zed is eccentric, playful, yet realistic. He points out truths other people don’t want to hear. He can revisit a situation and change course if he finds another practical method. He’s curious – not for useful information, but for curiosity’s sake.

Fe: His friendly nature allows him to connect strongly to other people – to offer comfort to children in need, to be there for Richard when he needs him, and in previous years, to find nightly companions. Zed is fearful of losing the respect and love of the people he cares about most. He’s very in tune with their emotions.

Si: Revisiting the past isn’t Zed’s strong point, but once his mind turns to it, he recalls vivid images. He can also be down to earth and sensible, with a respect for moral law and a desire to uphold ancient truths.

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