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The King’s Speech: Elizabeth [ESFJ]

Fe: Liz’s primary focus is on social behavior and doing what is expected of her. She informs others of the protocol so that they will feel comfortable and also conform to it, which makes her more comfortable. She objects to tearing down hundred year old trees to “improve the view,” because it shows disrespect. Liz is polite to everyone (well, except That Woman) even when she doesn’t feel like it. She looks out for even people she doesn’t know (“would you like a sweetie?”). She feels her husband’s humiliations keenly, as if they are her own injuries – and in a way, they are. She chooses her words with compassion, care, and a gentle sense of humor.

Si: Tradition suits her best, and she likes to hold onto it. She prefers to keep things as they are, unless they need changed for important reasons. Liz gathers useful information about speech therapists and chooses Lionel. She is rational and grounded enough to accept whatever comes in stride, and unusual methods aren’t her “favorite words”!

Ne: Even though she turned down his proposal (twice!), Liz always saw potential in Bertie. She also gave their marriage serious consideration before it happened (she didn’t want a life of royal obligation, but thought because of his “beautiful stutter,” they would be left alone). She likes Lionel even though she barely knows him, and believes he can help her husband.

Ti: She asks many questions and is curious both about Lionel and his methods – for her own sake and Bertie’s. Liz usually doesn’t share what’s in her head until she’s made a decision. She is private with her thoughts, and makes her decisions regardless of other people’s opinions.