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A Muppet Christmas Carol: Ebenezer Scrooge [INTJ]

Ni: Scrooge as a young man continually focuses on the future and his goals, rather than living in the present; he postpones his marriage indefinitely because he is focused on reaching that ever-elusive “perfect time” to get married. He pushes aside his feelings of abandonment at school by focusing on finishing his school, so he can move on to something better. It takes the Ghost of Christmas Past to dig up his memories. Scrooge has no problem connecting what he has heard and seen with his own tombstone, and knowing that this will be his future if he doesn’t change his ways. He immediately knows what’s wrong at Bob Cratchit’s house, and when redeemed, seeks a way to change the future for everyone.

Te: Everything Scrooge strives for is organization and efficiency; he is all about making goals and reaching them, with no time nor patience for anything outside those goals. For a while, this helps him be a ruthless businessman and later, it assists him in making wonderful things happen for the Cratchit family.

Fi: His emotions are independent of those around him, and for a while, he simply turns them off. Before his redemption, Scrooge is immovable in the appeals of others, and does what he believes is best for himself (evicting people if they can’t pay their bills, for example, so as to find tenants that will pay their bills). Scrooge is forced to confront his own feelings of loss and sorrow, and uses them to identify with Tiny Tim in his plight. His later use of them allows him to understand and connect with others, as well as to help them.

Se: The Ghost of Christmas Present helps Scrooge to committing to live “in the past, the present, and the future!” He helps Scrooge embrace the moment and live each day to its fullest, to slow down and experience the sights, smells, tastes, and sensations around him, and take pleasure in having fun.

Notes: Here’s my guess for the rest of the important characters:

Charles Dickens (Gonzo): ESTP. Thrill-seeker. Has fun all the time. (The real Dickens was an ENFP.)

Bob Cratchit: ISFJ. Traditional, tries to make everyone else happy.

Mrs. Cratchit: ESFP. Lives in the moment, strong personal emotions.

Rizzo the Rat: INTP. Questions everything, practical but distracted.

Fred: ISFJ. Traditional, loves Christmas, is a generous people-pleaser.

The Ghost of Christmas Past: ISFJ – her Fe causes her to stop the memories when Scrooge is overwhelmed by his emotions.

The Ghost of Christmas Present: ESFP. Lives in the moment, warm heart.

The Ghost of Christmas Future: INTP. Aloof and detached, but sees the big picture and shows Scrooge exactly what he needs to know.

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